Introducing wireframes

We’re always looking to help our clients’ reporting move forwards, squeezing as much value out of every page as we can. Whether it’s enhancing sections and features, removing unnecessary duplication, creating a better flow or adding design elements for a better reader experience - we’re full of ideas.

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When it comes to document structure, our consultancy is founded on knowledge of reporting trends and best practice, and we match this to the aims and ambitions of our clients, as well as the appetite of their audience. Creating a compelling narrative is important, but it should be equally intuitive to review the checks and balances surrounding strategic plans.

A wireframe is a suggested structure for the report, showing the sections and information that should be included. This can be based on recent developments for the company, weak areas from the previous year and reporting trends worth implementing.

The wireframe has no design elements (aside from suggestions of where images, tables or infographics could be used), so the focus is solely on content. Agreeing the content before design comes into play is important, the cake has to be baked before it’s decorated after all.

Special focus is given to usability, ensuring the story makes sense, is intuitive and that visual representations of information are clear and engaging.

Having a book to flick through and see what information will be where and how it all sits together is really helpful in understanding the overall story of the report before the content is written.

If you’re interested in improving your next Annual Report and want to know more about how our consultancy process - including wireframes - has done that for a number of our clients, get in touch.