How our Think team adds value

The Think Team refers to our group of consultants here at Jp. It isn’t to say that nobody else here thinks, it’s just that these individuals will be the ones with their heads stuck in an  annual report or searching around a corporate website or performing research.

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One of the problems we regularly come across is that some clients know their company so well, they forget that not everybody else does. We’ve all been guilty of it, whether it’s an assignment, or an article like this one; sometimes we can’t see the woods for the trees, there comes a point when you need a fresh pair of eyes and a sanity check on the thing you’ve been thinking about for ages. This is where the Thinkers come in. By examining your corporate communications, whether it be printed or online, they can understand the story and messages that you should be shouting about and make sure that your stakeholders are as up to date with the company as you are.

Finding a good way of presenting these messages is often something that people find a daunting task. But armed with research, knowledge of best practice and a great understanding of your company, our Thinkers can structure your content in a logical way, and then work with the creatives to elevate the content through design.

Our Thinkers offer a huge range of services that will make your life easier, adding value and meaning to your corporate communications. If you want to find out more about them, just call Naomi for a quick chat on 0121 309 0041.