Going the extra mile with your Annual Report

Corporate reporting doesn’t have to be just another obligation imposed on companies by stringent compliance rules, it can be a great opportunity to effectively communicate with stakeholders, bringing scope for so much more than fulfilling requirements.

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For those companies who are not only aware of terms such as accountability, transparency, probity and long term sustainability - the fundamental principles of good governance - but who are also passionate about incorporating them into their IR strategy in the most engaging manner, there’s solid potential waiting on their doorstep not only for great engagement but also industry recognised awards.

Not only does your report benefit from best practice content and enhanced storytelling, there is also the potential to rank highly among your peers. Here we look at how going the extra mile can help you to not only be in the running for award-winning reports, but also add value for your shareholders.

Standing out from the competition

Like with any rewards, achieving this status is a clear signal to the world that its holder operates ahead of the curve. Put in the context of IR it means that the company excels at conveying its corporate message in a clear and consistent way. This is not an easy feat, especially when it comes to delivering information including both performance financial data and inspirational statements, all wrapped in a complex legally-required document.

Award-winning reports are balanced and fair yet with creative narratives that generate wide public interest, often having a twin digital version which reaches a broader audience. The more engaging the report the better chances of building investors confidence and trust - like no other company does.

Drive to repeat the success

Delivering an award-winning Annual Report does also have a psychological meaning for the company. Having once produced an outstanding overview of its mission, vision and positioning on the market, the bar is now set high.

A strong will to repeat the past success is usually easily converted into a permanent motivation to deliver high quality corporate communications for years to come.

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