Getting in touch with your website

Creating a great website is hard work. Once it’s live, don’t be tempted to just let it loose in cyberspace, because like a young child, regular guidance is required to keep it on track.

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Website analytics can help to review activity on your site and expose areas that need a bit more love. So how do you stop it becoming feral?

It can all seem confusing at first, but when you dig a bit deeper analytics can provide you with amazing insights. The reports are designed to help you make your website a better place for your audience, and to guide towards a return on your investment.

For instance, would you like to know...

  • Where in the world your audience is
  • What type of content they like
  • What do people search for to find you
  • If you would benefit from making the site mobile friendly
  • If your social media channels or paid advertising work
  • Which search engines are listing you
  • Are visitors making it to your contact pages, and if not where do they stop

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