Do well and save the world

We’re passionate about sustainability reporting but we know not everyone is, so we thought we would share a few inspiring thoughts and videos.

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We believe that if everyone understood sustainability a little more, there would be a wave of reactions. At first, possibly emotion, but then the understanding of the business logic; leading to winning of both, as they say, 'hearts and minds’.

Sustainability is about maintaining your company and the planet. We all have a responsibility, after all we only have one planet to live on, at least while Elon Musk works on the Mars option.

Before we get to the more emotive ‘hearts’ part of the issue, what are the potential benefits? It has been said that companies who are sustainable and talk about sustainability are likely to perform better through increasing profits and financials. But it’s a much bigger benefit when you consider the reputation, marketing, people and productivity improvements which  seem to go hand-in-hand, as you will see from the videos below.

We love to inspire and be inspired, so naturally we love TED talks. We have picked some related to sustainability to hopefully inspire you too. Maybe shocking, certainly informative and very likely to make you to both smile and cry.

The first, we have the former COO of Unilever with insights on the Unilever story on how concentrating on sustainability can do good for the world and why you should care. As you will see, soap can save lives, lots of lives.

The second pick is to give you an investor's perspective, the numbers are staggering. Chris McKnett talks about the need to provide sustainability information to investors and what they do with it.

Finally, we provide you with the story of a ‘recovering plunderer’, a villain to hero story. It’s the ultimate truth on where our planet is heading and the consequences of you doing nothing about it. If you like to be moved this is the one for you, and you even get a poem at the end.

Recently the FRC and European Commission have expanded upon previous guidelines on how you should discuss and publish this information within your Strategic Report for 2017/18. Whilst these aren’t compulsory, we hope that they may provide some additional light and you'll look at sustainability as a whole in a new way.

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