Creating conversations

With the first ‘social media’ election in full swing we are likely to see the parties battle it out over multiple platforms. Their interactions no longer solely monitored by traditional opinion polls but additionally by online measurement.

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A recent interview of both the Labour and Conservative party leaders was monitored on twitter under the hashtag #BattleForNumber10 with an online tracker separating tweets into positive and negative sentiment resulting in a score for each party leaders. Using this example, you can see that viewing how people responded online is a powerful tool and while it has great applications for the election, it also has a wider business purpose.

Measuring sentiment online has become popular over recent years, as has the idea of creating conversations with followers and truly engaging them. Traditionally undertaken by larger multinational corporations and B2C companies, there are things that can be considered when looking at engaging investor audiences.

Make sure you have a policy in place

When people engage with you online, you need to ensure whoever is in charge of your social channels feels able to respond quickly and speak for the company.

Show what is important to you as a company

If your people are an important part of your culture, showcase your internal talent via images or links to news stories.

Be genuine

Ensure you keep to your tone of voice. You may find your interactions end up being more conversational but they need to be true to who you are as a company.

Key messages

Understand your audience. There may be many different personas: investors, analysts, news outlets or those interested in your commercial activities. Tailor content accordingly.


Social media can be a useful device for monitoring brand sentiment. You will be able to monitor what people are saying about you, and directly engage with those users.


Keep your interactions short and sweet, linking to key messages on your other media. Social media can be a useful tool to showcase where company information is located.

By engaging with your audience face to face and through announcements, reports, corporate websites and social media, you will be able to understand what is important to them and help create a level of transparency and trust.

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