Compliance versus compelling

How going beyond compliance creates compelling corporate communications

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A justification for going the extra mile

How can as little as 10% extra translate compliance-based reporting into compelling corporate communications?

The good news is... the fact that you are taking the time to read this article means that you are open to the idea of converting your compliance-based communications into a compelling investment proposition. This article explains how just a small amount of extra thought and planning can begin to transform your communications. It highlights a few key pointers to aid your thought process, as well as justifying the benefits of a complete makeover of your corporate communications strategy.

A few key pointers

(Some of which are free to implement – other than the cost of your time!)

  1. Step back and talk about it – begin your corporate reporting process earlier, run a brainstorming session, get a strategy in place.
  2. Allocate and diarise time to run through ideas - don’t just pick the most expedient solution.
  3. Create a willingness for change – get the buy-in of everyone involved in corporate reporting.
  4. Be more open minded - creativity is frequently limited by the brief, so allow room for manoeuvre. Allow scope for narrative and design to present a compelling story.
  5. Understand your audience – know what investors want! Capture feedback at investor meetings and presentations and use that information.
  6. Benchmark the competition – understand the strategies adopted by your peer group, and set your corporate reporting standards ahead of theirs.
  7. Monitor your performance – gather feedback from your shareholders, review your website statistics. This should form part of an iterative improvement loop.

Where do we come in?

There are some areas listed above that you could work on yourself to develop and improve your corporate communications (as mentioned previously, all this would require is an allocation of your time and effort). Other areas would require assistance from a specialist corporate reporting agency.

Whatever your requirements, at Jones and Palmer, we can help to tailor the right solution which will match your corporate reporting needs, as well as your budget.

A step in the right direction, or, a complete overhaul?

If you are just wanting a small taster of how your corporate reporting could develop, Jones and Palmer can help you to ‘test the water’ by producing a summary communications report which benchmarks your communications (both printed and online) against the Investor Relations Society best practice recommendations as well as covering the standard legislative requirements. You will receive a ‘recipe’ for improvement based on a 3-year plan for continuous development.

Alternatively, you may prefer to consider the other end of the spectrum – a complete overhaul of your corporate communications by implementing;

  • Investor perception studies
  • Best practice analysis/Communications review
  • Client research (external)
  • Peer group analysis
  • Key messaging interviews
  • Recommendations report/presentation
  • Media usage and structure recommendations report
  • Creation of comprehensive design brief
  • Copywriting
  • Project management (options of standard online tools, or, access to full online editing suite)

Benefits of working on developing compelling communications in conjunction with Jones and Palmer

  • We highlight key areas of your communications that need addressing – Our methodologies help to prioritise where you should be placing effort in terms of improving your corporate communications.
  • We live and breathe such projects – We are working on such projects day in, day out. We can save you the time and effort of trying to switch from your day-to-day role into wearing your corporate reporting 'hat'.
  • Improve your investment proposition – Design and narrative will complement each other by telling the audience a compelling story, thus enhancing your investment proposition.
  • A team focused on corporate reporting – Having someone focused on delivering your project outside of your business as well as inside offers benefit two-fold;
    • An ‘outside-in’ perspective – we are not working in your business every day, so can represent your business from an outsiders perspective (as opposed to you working as an insider).
    • Shared responsibility – we handle the deadlines, content, creativity and delivery based on your input. You would oversee everything we fulfil.
  • Investors and analysts informed of basics – In advance of meetings, your investment audience would have the key information available to them, ensuring that your time is spent most effectively getting down to the 'nitty gritty' during presentations.

So, for a range of costs, how can you afford not to consider the justification of translating compliance into compelling? Any expenditure justifies a saving in your time and effort in the future.

In summary

By developing a comprehensive framework for your narrative, combining your copy with a compelling design, and delivering class-leading mixed media communications – both online and offline – your corporate communications will become compelling.