The number of brands the average person interacts with on a daily basis is absolutely astounding and, for many companies trying to vie for the attention of an already heavily trafficked audience, it can be overwhelming.

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Not for the faint of heart but nonetheless absolutely crucial, it’s important to create a strong brand that sits at the heart of your offering - encompassing who you are as a company and the things that matter most to you, whilst simultaneously taking care of audience needs.

Branding, or rebranding, can be a logistical nightmare so we have identified the key steps that will help you reach branding nirvana.

  1. Identify your key stakeholders - both internal and external. Then, take the time to look at the heart of your company - your raison d’etre, identity and values.
  2. Research, research, research - we can’t say enough how important it is to understand not only your stakeholders’ needs, but the market as a whole, alongside undertaking crucial brand perception studies.
  3. Then begins the design elements of the process - an array of themes, colour schemes, imagery, logos and messaging can be created in order to insight discussion about the right path for you to choose. This can also be tested again to see how it is perceived.
  4. After the key elements of your brand have been chosen, then comes the fun part - implementing it across all media, and in each of the touch points through which stakeholders will engage with the brand. A visual identity and messaging guide can accompany this to ensure all future media also stays on brand.

While it looks like a lot to do, it’s important to note that branding is not just the visual, but includes the messaging that looks at the heart of your company. Aligning these is the way to ensure that your brand continues to work for your company and for your audience.

In the coming months we will be delving further into branding with the launch of our Branding Survival Guide, until then if you would like to find out more, please get in touch.