Better together, making the EU a digital powerhouse

On May 6, the European Commission adopted the ‘Digital Single Market’ strategy. One of the commission’s 10 political priorities, it includes 16 initiatives to be delivered by the end of 2016.

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With the majority of online services in the EU provided by US based companies and software, the EU has set up three policy areas to help propel them to a new position as a world leader in the digital economy:

  1. Better online access to digital goods and services
  2. An environment where digital networks and services can prosper
  3. Digital as a driver for growth.

These pillars tackle a multitude of issues such as geo blocking, modernising copyright, simplifying VAT, rolling out fast broadband for all, and ensuring there is an increasingly digitally skilled society.

The Commission states “The internet and digital technologies are transforming the lives we lead and the way we work - as individuals, in business, and in our communities as they become more integrated across all sectors of our economy and society.” With this in mind, the Commission is committed to improve cross border online services in order to truly compete on the world stage.