Assurance on Integrated Reporting

International Integrated Reporting Council leads talks on assurance on Integrated Reporting. 

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The IIRC (International Integrated Reporting Council) today kicks off a series of talks on the topic of assurance on Integrated Reporting.

These talks follow on from recent papers released by the IIRC, ‘Assurance on <IR>: an introduction to the discussion’ and ‘Assurance on <IR>: an exploration of the issues’. These discussion papers raise several areas for debate which will kick off this week in South Africa. The introduction to the discussion looks at ensuring that <IR> is seen as trustworthy and credible and further discussions are scheduled for multiple countries worldwide.

Paul Druckman, CEO, IIRC said, “The IIRC does not aspire to become a standard setter in assurance. Integrated reports need to provide ‘investment grade’ information and many think that assurance may be a way of ensuring this. These papers are already providing a catalyst for those with an interest in ensuring credibility and trust in <IR>, to initiate and get involved in forums around the world over the next few months in order to debate this issue. It’s great to be getting the debate started in South Africa, a country that really is a leading the way in the adoption of Integrated Reporting.”