Are you using the right tools for your annual report?

Utilising collaborative project management tools to create engaging annual report projects.

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While traditional project management methods still produce great end products, we want to ensure that no matter where you are based - whether that’s in the local area or spread out across the globe, you can still access your project, and create great collaborative corporate communications. To help facilitate this, we provide a number of project management solutions to fit your needs.

At our most basic level, we have our online project portal. This portal allows for all team members to share information, files, updates and proofs via a secure online platform. All those with logins from both the project team at Jones and Palmer and at the client side are able to log into the system remotely and get a full 360° project view.

A step further is the online markup system. This option saves on the added hassle of sharing pdfs around the company, re-collecting them, and then sorting through everyone’s comments to create a list of amends. In our markup system, all users can go into the proof simultaneously and add their comments into one central document. It also links with our online project portal.

The next step up from this is creating links between your MS Office documents and our design files, which creates a content relationship between the two. This gives us the benefit of being able to style and layout the document as per the design, and allows you to continue working in your original files, making amends. We then dynamically update the design file, merging the content and design aspects.

Our most extensive options is our self edit system. Although it requires some level of basic introductory training, it allows for users to go into the live document, through a secure log in, to edit content directly and generate PDF proofs on the entire document on the fly. Support is also provided by our team.

For more information on any of these systems, or how we can help you with your next report project, why not talk to a member of our team?