Analytics and beyond: your site after go live

So, your content is up to date, your links all work and your website is live. But if you think that’s the end of your corporate website project until your next rebrand, think again.

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Consider your own online habits, do you regularly visit websites that remain static or do you instead use those that are often updated with new information? Chances are it’s the latter and if you expect this in your personal life, your audience will expect the same.

While the fresh content of your Annual Report will draw an audience to your website once a year, it will soon age and leave your audience with little reason to visit your site.

When your site goes live, analytics programmes can help you to see what content your visitors are looking at, for how long and where they came from. This enables you to start to really understand your visitors, helping you to review and improve.

Updating content on a regular basis should be something you can do in-house, any design changes can be agreed with your designer and your analytics can provide valuable information on how your site is performing.

The launch of your site is just the beginning of a long journey. Ensuring it remains relevant is essential.