An engaging suite of media

When starting an annual reporting project, consistency of message is key, closely followed by the design and the distribution of the finished product to market. When your Annual Report is delivered through a suite of media - print, online and video - it is important for the design to develop in harmony with your brand and to captivate your audience.

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Here we take a look at some of the key reasons why design is so important when creating your Annual Report project.

  • Brand. Consistency of message does not solely apply to content. A strong design can strengthen your brand and inspire trust and loyalty.
  • User Experience. Communicate your design across print, mobile, tablet and desktop to ensure that whatever channel your audience uses, they are always getting the best experience.
  • Message. Create a story through design and content to keep users engaged.
  • Visual Aids. Signposting and infographics can help aid content and gently guide your reader through your documents while also creating links between print and online.
  • Multimedia. Video can quickly summarise key content from your printed document and put a face to a name, allowing both your internal and external stakeholders to get a better feel for the company.
  • Technology. Whether you follow a trend or set your own, don’t get left behind. Technology is changing our world and how we communicate effectively with each other.

It’s important to note that the key takeaway is that consistency is essential to ensure that your Annual Report project results in a suite of documents - whichever media you choose - to create a strong impression on the market.

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