A new year, a new site

We’re starting 2014 with a bang by launching a brand new website. With an updated brand to reflect, the new site is a great window on some of the changes we have made.

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Taking on board the ‘less is more’ approach to the design and content of the new brand, the word-count of our once text-heavy website has been ruthlessly reduced. We have simplified the new content so that clients, potential and existing alike, can understand both our business and our offering in a matter of seconds.

Simple navigation populated across fewer levels allows users to easily find what they’re looking for, and large text size significantly aids the reading experience and is consistent with modern trends for web publishing. These features, alongside the reduced visual noise and distractions of the new clean design and better use of photography, put greater emphasis on content.

The illustrative approach and more stylised use of staff photography help to better communicate the personality of our team.

The Articles section houses all our existing resources and will be expanded across the coming year, becoming a hub for corporate communication news and features.

Functionally, our new site delivers everything we deliver for our clients. It’s a fully responsive site, maintaining usability and appearance across all devices, from large displays to tablets and mobile.