A brand new Jones and Palmer

We believe in constant evolution and with the arrival of a new year, our brand has taken another step forward, shedding some unnecessary baggage and sharpening the features that make us the business we are.

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Simplifying our previously complex customer offering was top of the order. As a creative design agency, what we do for our clients isn’t complicated, and explaining it shouldn’t be either. We present the information your stakeholders need creatively, whether it’s in a printed or online Annual Report, a website, or a video.

If you need some help with structuring your information we can help with that too, but it’s an optional extra our clients can choose to take advantage of.

Our values and customer promises remain as important to us as ever, as is quality. Having receivedCommitted to Excellence status by the British Quality Foundation (BQF) at the end of 2013, we will continue to work to achieve more in the coming year.

We’re proud of our extensive experience as a manufacturer of Annual Reports, and of our expertise and cutting-edge facilities. As the UK’s largest producer of printed Annual Reports, we want to shout more about our unique combination of in-house services.