Here at Jones and Palmer we’re always looking to further our knowledge in corporate reporting, below you can find a selection of our latest insights as well as news from the team. 

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  • Sustainability + Profit. The missed opportunity

    We discuss how and why you should articulate the link between sustainability and commercial opportunity.

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  • Time two celebrate!

    We are extremely pleased and proud to announce two client shortlistings at this year’s CorpComms Awards 2017.

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  • Henry Boot makes an impact

    Success for our client Henry Boot plc at the Digital Impact Awards!

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  • On Cloud Nine

    We are extremely proud to have nine clients shortlisted at this year’s Investor Relations Society Best Practice Awards 2017

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  • Striving for Gold

    Congratulations to our clients Henry Boot for their shortlisting in the Digital Impact Awards 2017!

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  • More Award-Winning Work!

    Success for our clients at the Corporate and Financial Awards!

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  • When the AIM is growth does effective governance matter?

    London has long been seen as a premium market for listing, with a rich list of investors with deep liquidity; but is the Aim market damaging its credibility?

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  • Jp's Top Tips to an engaging Strategic Report

    Our top tips to create an engaging and eye-catching Strategic Report

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  • How our Think team adds value

    Who are our Think team, and what do they do?

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  • Do well and save the world

    We provide you with some inspiring thoughts and videos to help you to improve your sustainability reporting.

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  • Corporate and Investor Website Research

    A teaser for our Corporate and Investor website research.

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  • MiFID II - a risk averse option

    We provide further information on MiFID II and how you can prepare. 

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  • Celebrating our client's shortlisting for the Digital Impact Awards

    We celebrate our clients success in being shortlisted for the Digital Impact Awards.

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  • Clients Celebrate Corporate and Financial Awards Shortlist

    Congratulations to all of our shortlisted clients in the Corporate and Financial Awards 2017!

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  • UX for Corporate and Investor Websites

    How to provide a great user experience for your investor audience.

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  • Corporate Storytelling - A cohesive approach to comms

    Tips and tricks to help you communicate your story.

  • Long-Term Reporting

    A look at The Investment Associations Long Term Reporting Guidance.

  • CEO Pay and Value Creation

    A look at the recent report on Executive Remuneration from CFA UK. 

  • MiFID II - Will you be overlooked?

    We take a look at the MiFID II initiative and what this can mean for you and your reporting.

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  • FRC's Letter to Investors

    A super summary of the FRC's Letter to Investors.

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  • How Millennials will shape your Corporate Communications

    We take a look at the impact that Millennials have on your future corporate communications.

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  • Business Model Reporting — achieving an equilibrium

    An insight into how we create an equilibrium between oversimplification and content overload for our clients business models.

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  • Gender Pay Gap Legislation

    A short summary on the recently launched legislation on reporting about gender pay gaps.

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  • How useful are analytics when improving your site?

    Exploring how people use your site to promote continuous improvement.

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  • The FRC's Conduct Committee announce changes to reviewing procedures

    A short summary of the committee's new guidelines for reviewing corporate reports.

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  • What will the future of digital corporate reporting look like?

    We take a look at the importance of digital corporate reporting and how to develop your report across various platforms.

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  • Empowering Women in the Workplace

    We take a look at the current gender balance and how you can empower women in the workplace.

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  • Writing content for the web

    We provide some useful top tips on how to write concise, authentic and useful content for the web.

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  • The importance of uncovering your story

    A closer look at the importance of storytelling

  • Are you using the right tools for your annual report?

    Utilising collaborative project management tools to create engaging annual report projects.

  • Celebrating our colleagues

    Celebrating our colleagues successes at the annual Jones and Palmer Excellence Awards.

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  • Developments in Corporate Governance and Stewardship 2016

    An overview of the highlights from the report by the Financial Reporting Council.

    • Regulation
  • What's the optimum length for your corporate video?

    Using video to communicate your key messages effectively. 

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  • Using data to improve user experience

    Understanding how your users interact with your site to provide a greater experience.

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  • Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures

    An overview of the recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures.

    • Regulation
  • IPO Activity and Trends

    A look at IPO activity in 2016 and trends for 2017.

  • Corporate Governance Reform

    A summary of the Green Paper on Corporate Governance Reform. 

    • Regulation
  • Hampton-Alexander Review

    A summary of the Hampton-Alexander FTSE Women Leaders review

  • Best Practice Award success for Inland Homes

    Many congratulations to Inland Homes on their award for Best Digital Reporting.

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  • Communicating purpose beyond profit

    Looking beyond the financial and communicating the heart of your company. 

  • The quality of financial reporting

    Annual Review of Corporate Reporting released for 2015/2016.

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  • Year end advice from the Financial Reporting Council

    A super summary of the FRC report. 

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  • Building a good reputation

    The importance of managing your reputation

  • The latest on Brexit and Corporate Reporting

    An update on the Brexit process and what this means in relation to Annual Reporting. 

    • Regulation
  • Our digital relaunch

    Updating the Jp website.

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  • Is the Internet a place and why does it matter?

    Why you should pay attention to user experience.

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  • The process of making a remarkable project

    Why a robust process can make life easier. 

  • Best Practice Awards shortlist for Jp clients

    Recognition for our clients across digital and print. 

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  • Contributing to the world's well-being

    A look at environmentally conscious printing and the FSC.

    • Regulation
  • Winning big at the Corporate and Financial Awards

    A huge congratulations to all our award-winning clients.

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  • Does Social Media have a place in Investor Communications?

    Can social media add value to your investor communications?

    • Digital
  • 360 Degree Videos

    The future of video?

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  • Reviewing the FTSE 100

    An introduction to our recent research project.

  • The development of video as a communication tool

    We explain the benefits of capturing and sharing videos via social media.

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  • The Modern Slavery Act

    We take a look at the reporting requirements of the Modern Slavery Act 2015.

    • Regulation
  • Client shortlist success at Corporate and Financial Awards

    Congratulations to our clients for their awards shortlists.

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  • Brexit - what’s next?

    What Brexit could mean for your reporting.

    • Regulation
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  • The Media Works to open imminently

    Our new office space is nearly ready to open its doors.

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  • Fair, balanced and understandable

    We take a closer look at how reports can be fair, balanced and understandable.

    • Regulation
  • Telling a cohesive story

    We take a look at the running order of annual reports in the FTSE 100.

  • Press Play

    How video can breathe life in to your communications and connect with your audience.

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  • Going the extra mile with your Annual Report

    How adding value to your communications, can also equate to award-winning reports.

  • The Viability Statement

    We take a further look at the viability statement.

    • Regulation
  • Productivity in action

    A closer look at the Investment Association's Productivity Action Plan. 

  • Award-winning projects 2015

    All of our award winning projects for 2015!

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  • Culture Coalition

    A look at the Financial Reporting Council's Culture Project.

  • The changing face of business

    How to communicate your key sustainability messages.

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  • Social Media for the Social Good

    How social media could help you communicate CSR activities.

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  • Understanding User Experience

    We take a look at the basics of UX.

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  • The EU Referendum and annual reporting

    We take a look at how the EU referendum will affect annual reporting.

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  • Gender pay reporting

    We take a look the current levels of reporting and what will change from 2018.

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  • COP 21 and the Annual Report

    What could the Paris summit mean for annual reporting?

  • FTSE 100 Marketplace review

    We look at how the FTSE 100 communicate their marketplace and what makes an exceptional read.

  • What makes an award-winning FTSE 250 report?

    We take a look at the key themes in award-winning FTSE 250 reports.

  • Cyber Risk Reporting

    Take a look at our original research on cyber risk reporting in the FTSE 350.

  • Why should you report on cyber risk?

    We explore cyber risk reporting in more detail.

  • What makes an award-winning Small Cap report?

    We take a look at the key themes in award-winning Small Cap reports.

  • Online Annual Reports - the way forward

    Our think team explore the best way to present your Annual Report online.

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  • Committed to Excellence

    Jones and Palmer have been awarded the EFQM Committed to Excellence certification at 2 star level. 

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  • FTSE 100 research project

    An introduction to our research project on the annual reporting of the FTSE 100.

  • The key to a successful project

    We take a look at the key components to planning a successful project. 

  • ICSA Awards win

    Congratulations to Premier Foods on their Best Annual Report award.

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  • IR Society Best Practice Award Winners

    Congratulations to Trifast on their double award win.

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  • Branding

    We look at the key steps that can help you create a strong brand.

  • Value beyond the financial

    How the business model can help demonstrate the sustainability of a company into the long term.

  • Company Culture

    The FRC launch a market initiative to look at the boards role in company culture.

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  • IR Society Awards nominations

    Trifast, Premier Foods, Ocado, Halfords and Severfield receive nominations.

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  • United Utilities wins Excellence in Reporting award

    United Utilities wins at the PwC Building Public Trust Awards.

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  • United Utilities win Best Governance Reporting Award

    United Utilities wins Strategic Report Index Accolades award.

    • News
  • ICSA Awards nominations

    United Utilities, Halfords, Premier Foods and Renold recieve ICSA nominations.

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  • We heart our clients

    Why client services are an integral part of bringing any project to life.

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  • The Three Cs

    The Three Cs are our approach to assessing Annual Reports and corporate websites.

  • Shortcomings in AIM reporting habits

    What pieces of the puzzle are missing in AIM Company reporting.

  • The relationship between content and design: It's complicated

    We review why close collaboration between designers and consultants matters.

  • What AIM companies can do to improve their Annual Reports

    We take a look at some quick wins for improving your report.

  • Why good reporting matters for AIM companies

    We look at the benefits of good reporting for AIM listed companies.

  • Achieving critical mass in new reporting technologies

    We take a look at the Financial Reporting Lab's Digital Present report.

    • Regulation
  • Awards shortlist for Ocado, Dechra, Colt and Rame Energy

    Awards shortlist for Communicate Magazine's Corporate and Financial Awards 2015.

    • News
  • Better together, making the EU a digital powerhouse

    The European Commission looks to roll out a Digital Single Market.

    • Current affairs
    • Digital
  • Corporate and Financial Awards Success

    Our congratulations go out to a number of our clients on their Corporate and Financial Awards.

    • News
  • Introducing wireframes

    Why structuring your document, focussing on content can help move your report forward.

  • Creating Transparency

    Being transparent with stakeholders

  • EU Shareholder Rights Directive

    We take a look at the draft amendments to the EU Shareholder Rights Directive.

    • Regulation
    • Current affairs
  • Running Wild

    The JP team takes on the Wolf Run.

    • News
  • Self Edit

    Taking the pain out of the Annual Report process with Jp Self Edit.

  • The Media Works has a roof!

    Work is progressing at our development in Carver Street, with the roof now on.

    • News
  • Creating conversations

    We take a look at what to consider when engaging investor audiences online.

    • Current affairs
    • Digital
  • EU directive on non-financial reporting

    We explore the changes to the EU Accounting Directive covering non-financial reporting.

    • Regulation
  • Measuring social progress

    We take a closer look at the Social Progress Index. 

    • Current affairs
  • Getting in touch with your website

    How analytics can help to review activity on your site and expose areas that need a bit more love.

    • Digital
  • Digital Corporate Reporting

    A look at the Financial Reporting Lab’s Corporate Reporting in a Digital World.

    • Digital
  • Sustainable Stock

    We take a look at how you can balance design and environmental impact when choosing paper stock.

    • News
  • Reporting on the future of climate change

    Paris 2015 will see governments meet to agree on measures to limit climate change to 2℃.

    • Regulation
    • Current affairs
  • The rise of sustainability reporting

    We take a look at the growth of sustainability reporting and key questions for your own report.

  • Smaller listed and AIM company reporting

    The FRC have announced plans to review the quality of reporting in AIM and Smaller Listed companies.

  • An engaging suite of media

    We take a look at the role design takes in creating consistent communications.

  • Best Practice Awards success for Trifast

    Congratulations are in order after the Investor Relations Society Annual Best Practice Awards.

    • News
  • Building a culture of long-term equity investment

    A look at the implementation report of The Kay Review.

  • Celebrating Excellence

    Celebrating the companies achievements over the past year.

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  • Corporate Governance win for Ocado

    Ocado Group plc wins ‘Corporate Governance Reporting in the FTSE 250’ at PwC BPT Awards.

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  • Mind the gap

    With the most radical change in remuneration reporting for over a decade, clarity is key.

    • Regulation
  • Responding to responsive

    We take a look at why responsive design is so important when engaging with your audience.

    • Digital
  • The Media Works

    The Media Works, our new creative space is now under construction.

    • News
  • Looking ahead to the next reporting cycle

    The FRC highlights key considerations for companies going into the next reporting cycle.

  • Corporate Reporting Review’s Annual Report

    We took a look at this year’s report and the planned areas of focus for the next reporting cycle.

    • News
  • What can we learn from viral content

    We take a look at the main reasons content goes viral 

    • Digital
  • How can you use video in your communications?

    How can you condense important information for your audience to view on the go?

    • Digital
  • Use of video in the FTSE 100

    We looked at how the FTSE 100 use video, a high impact, rich media

    • Digital
  • IR Society Best Practice Awards shortlist for Halfords, Ocado and Trifast

    We are thrilled to announce that three of our clients are nominated for IR Society Awards.

    • News
  • Visual Branding

    We take a look at a number of ways you can improve the visual branding of your company

  • Corporate Governance Code updates aim to raise the bar

    This month has seen an updated version of the UK Corporate Governance Code issued by the FRC

    • Regulation
  • Creativity in corporate reporting

    Within an Annual Report there are many key design factors, none more so than colour.

  • A picture is worth a thousand words

    New social media platforms are focusing on visual content and quickly growing in popularity

  • Assurance on Integrated Reporting

    The IIRC today kicks off a series of talks on the topic of assurance on Integrated Reporting.

    • News
  • Clear and Concise reporting

    A look at the Financial Reporting Lab's Clear and Concise initiative.

  • How to be a better proofreader

    Tips and tricks that can help you review documents efficiently.

  • Hot off the press

    Control, flexibility and technical knowledge are all afforded to us by our printing presses.

  • Words that jar

    Why it's important to eliminate Jargon and communicate effectively with your audience.

  • Official launch of the Investor Forum

    The Investor Forum launches with the appointment of Chairman and Executive Director.

    • Regulation
    • News
  • Why should you review your report?

    Do you see your reporting as a best practice opportunity or obligation only?

  • IMA Stewardship Survey

    The annual survey from the IMA looks at adherance to the UK Stewardship Code

    • Regulation
  • Consulting on corporate governance

    A look at the FRC consultation on the UK Corporate Governance code changes for 2014

    • Regulation
  • FRC offers guidance on Strategic Report

    We report on the FRC's 'Guidance on the Strategic Report'

  • Combating climate change

    We report on the new guidelines to disclose carbon emissions

    • Regulation
  • How to approach integrated reporting

    Some of our suggestions to integrated reporting

  • Financial Education in Schools

    Basic financial education will now be a statutory requirement on the national curriculum.

    • Current affairs
    • News
  • Increase in IPOs in 2014

    Increased trust in investment options has lead to the IPO market starting to once again grow.

    • Regulation
    • News
  • Crowdsourcing Content

    A look at Wisdom of Crowds: The Value of Stock Opinions Transmitted Through Social Media

  • New ways to communicate

    On Stockr, users are being invited to gain insight into global companies investment rationales

    • Digital
  • The Investor Forum

    The Investor Forum hopes to help combat equity market short-termism

    • Regulation
  • Online Survival Guide: a year on

    Our Online Investor Communications Survival Guide is a year old, take a look at what's changed

  • Analytics and beyond: your site after go live

    Looking at what you can do to optimise your website after it has gone live

  • The Benefits of Content Management Systems

    Why do Content Management Systems exist? To make maintaining your site easier.

    • Digital
  • Project management- prepare, prepare, prepare

    Project Management - Nothing aids a project more than adequate preparation

  • Tools of the trade

    How online project management tools can help you to achieve great results for your annual report

  • Watch your tone

     Tone of voice - how you say something is as important as what you say

  • Throw a blog a bone

    Why the blog has become a powerful business tool

  • Need to know: Responsive web design

    Why building and maintaining a website that works on multiple screens is becoming increasingly important

    • Digital
  • The corporate branding challenge

    A strong brand can help you bring to life key messages about your company

  • IR trends in social media

    Can social media predict market sentiment?

  • US rules on social channels

    SEC rules on using social media to disseminate material information

    • Regulation
  • Second annual Jonesies awards take place

    Our second company wide celebration recognised colleagues achievements over the last year.

    • News
  • Seeing is understanding

    The importance of the infographic in corporate reporting

  • A brand new Jones and Palmer

    We've taken a step forward, simplifying and sharpening the features that make us who we are.

    • News
  • A new year, a new site

    Our new website rolls out our new branding and simplified content approach.

    • News
  • A quality achievement

    Jones and Palmer has been awarded Committed to Excellence status by the BQF.

    • News
  • The Jones and Palmer Story

    A brief history of Jones and Palmer

    • News
  • A double helping of success at the IR Society Awards

    Congratulations are in order for Trifast and Halfords.

    • News
  • Five IR Society Best Practice Nominations

    We are delighted to see that four of our clients have been shortlisted for five awards.

    • News
  • ITV appoints Jones and Palmer

    We are thrilled to announce our partnership with ITV PLC on their 2011 Annual Report.

    • News
  • Launch of Dechra’s Online Annual Report

    The 2011 Dechra online annual report is now live.

    • Digital
    • News
  • Launch of Halfords’ new Corporate Video

    The brand new Halfords corporate video launches today alongside its Annual Report.

    • Digital
    • News
  • Lights - camera - action and welcome

    Our recent investment in people and equipment helps to bolster our video production offering.

    • News
  • Ocado appoints Jones and Palmer

    The team are delighted to work with Ocado Group plc on their 2011 report.

    • News
  • just keeps getting better

    New updates to our online project management system have arrived.

    • News
  • 100th Online Reporting milestone at Jones and Palmer

    Our 100th online annual report milestone has been achieved through Premier Foods micro site.

    • News
  • Are you speaking to the right audience?

    We focus on the institutional investor and the basics of how to make your company attractive to this type of investor.

  • Jones and Palmer delivers cutting edge Halfords site

    The new Halfords Group website showcases photography, video and optimised functionality.

    • News
  • Need to know: Narrative Reporting

    What the changes to the Companies Act mean for your annual report

    • Regulation
  • Defining and communicating your business model

    How a business model can help simplify communications in an increasingly complex business landscape

    • Regulation
  • Exciting times at Jones and Palmer

    Jones and Palmer have received planning permission for a new three story development.

    • News
  • Looking for the bright side of a banking explosion

    We report on Sir David Walker’s final report on the governance of banks and other financial institutions.

    • Regulation
    • News
  • Integrated Reporting

    What do you need to know about Integrated Reporting

  • New Jones and Palmer guide gets to grips with online communications

    Online Investor Communications; A Survival Guide.

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  • Panmure Gordon & Co plc on board with Jones and Palmer

    We are pleased to announce our partnership with Panmure Gordon on their latest Annual Report.

    • News
  • Jones and Palmer expand training programme with Ithaka Leadership

    Our partnership with Ithaka has helped secure funding for training and development.

    • News
  • Financial Services Act

    How the Financial Services Act plans to deliver reform to financial regulation in the UK

    • Regulation
  • The Kay Review

    What the Kay Review means for UK equity markets

    • Regulation
  • Corporate Governance Code and Stewardship Code

    A look at what you need to know about the 2012 Corporate Governance and Stewardship code changes 

    • Regulation
  • A night to remember

    Our first ever Jonesies took place at Birmingham's Hilton Metropole celebrating our achievements.

    • News
  • Jones and Palmer chooses Cancer Research UK for nominated charity in 2013

    A year of fundraising lies ahead for the team.

    • News
  • Mo money, mo cheer

    Our 10 strong Movember team raised over £700 for men's health charities.

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  • Awards success at the double for Jones and Palmer clients

    Halfords and Trifast pick up awards for the second year in a row.

    • News
  • Hanging out at Go Ape

    A great team building day out had by all at Go Ape Cannock.

    • News
  • Halfords and Trifast nominated for IR Society Best Practice Awards

    We are thrilled to announce multiple nominations for our clients.

    • News
  • Our commitment to quality, creativity and technology

    As a member of the BQF, we are pursuing recognition through EFQM levels of excellence.

    • News
  • Providence resources appoints Jones and Palmer

    We are delighted to be working with Providence Resources on their 2011 Annual Report.

    • News
  • Busy times at Jones and Palmer

    A record number of print & online reports have been produced and dispatched by the team.

    • News
  • Video as a communication tool

    How video can add to your corporate communications strategy

    • Digital
  • Compliance versus compelling

    How going beyond compliance creates compelling corporate communications

  • HTML Annual Reports v PDFs

    A look at the best way to get your annual report online

  • Review, review, review

    When was the last time you sat down and considered whether your Annual Report represented good value for money?