Here at Jones and Palmer we’re always looking to further our knowledge in corporate reporting, below you can find a selection of our latest insights as well as news from the team. 

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  • Disclosing Corporate and Social Responsibility Initiatives

    There is a growing appetite amongst institutional investors for disclosures on CSR. We provide you with some reasons why you should invest in CSR programmes.

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  • Presenting the value of intangibles

    We give you an overview of our thinking on reporting on intangible assets.

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  • The start of a great awards season!

    Congratulations to our clients who have been shortlisted for the IR Magazine Awards - Europe!

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  • Are the new AIM rules a step in the right direction?

    We give you an update on the changes to the AIM rules and what we think you should do moving forward.

    • Regulation
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  • When life gives you lemons...

    Are you ready for the #LemonsforLeukemia challenge?

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  • Getting noticed as a small cap company

    Investor relations at small-cap companies has always had its challenges. We give you our viewpoints on how we think you should tackle these challenges.

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  • AIM Company’s Checklist

    Use our checklist for your website to ensure that you’re complying with the updated AIM Notice 50.

    • Regulation
  • 'A Warm Brummie Welcome'

    A modern and 'edgy' Birmingham is developing right before our eyes. We give you a glimpse of the developments and what's happening at the heart of the city.

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  • Responsive or left behind?

    What does it mean to have a responsive website and why is it so important?

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  • Investing for the future!

    Take a look at our growing facilities and development of new and exciting services. 

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  • What's this year looking like for IPO's?

    We take a look at the major trends in last year's IPO and establish what this year's forecast is.

  • Gender Equality at Davos

    We give you a brief overview of Davos 2018- including one of our favourite speeches from the event - and how the topics highlighted relate heavily to your Corporate Reporting.

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  • Our Internal Excellence Awards

    Kickstarting the year with some celebrations and a few cocktails!

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  • At the beating heart

    We tell you why Birmingham is so great and why we're so proud to be based here.

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  • The brand name game

    We talk to you about the do's and don'ts when renaming your company.

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  • A Better Annual Report in less time. What’s not to love?

    We talk to you about how we can help to make your Annual Report process take half the time that it usually does.

  • Reporting on your Gender Pay Gap

    We take a look at the importance of improving your gender pay gap and the reasons you should report on it sooner rather than later.

    • Regulation
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  • Gaining the trust of your stakeholders

    We take a look at current statistics based on trust and provide some top tips on how you can gain the trust of your stakeholders.

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  • Sustainability + Profit. The missed opportunity

    We discuss how and why you should articulate the link between sustainability and commercial opportunity.

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  • Time two celebrate!

    We are extremely pleased and proud to announce two client shortlistings at this year’s CorpComms Awards 2017.

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  • Henry Boot makes an impact

    Success for our client Henry Boot plc at the Digital Impact Awards!

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  • On Cloud Nine

    We are extremely proud to have nine clients shortlisted at this year’s Investor Relations Society Best Practice Awards 2017

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  • Striving for Gold

    Congratulations to our clients Henry Boot for their shortlisting in the Digital Impact Awards 2017!

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  • More Award-Winning Work!

    Success for our clients at the Corporate and Financial Awards!

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  • When the AIM is growth does effective governance matter?

    London has long been seen as a premium market for listing, with a rich list of investors with deep liquidity; but is the Aim market damaging its credibility?

    • Regulation
    • Current affairs
  • Jp's Top Tips to an engaging Strategic Report

    Our top tips to create an engaging and eye-catching Strategic Report

    • Regulation
    • Current affairs
  • How our Think team adds value

    Who are our Think team, and what do they do?

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  • Do well and save the world

    We provide you with some inspiring thoughts and videos to help you to improve your sustainability reporting.

    • Regulation
    • Current affairs
  • Corporate and Investor Website Research

    A teaser for our Corporate and Investor website research.

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  • MiFID II - a risk averse option

    We provide further information on MiFID II and how you can prepare. 

    • Regulation
    • Current affairs
  • Celebrating our client's shortlisting for the Digital Impact Awards

    We celebrate our clients success in being shortlisted for the Digital Impact Awards.

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  • Clients Celebrate Corporate and Financial Awards Shortlist

    Congratulations to all of our shortlisted clients in the Corporate and Financial Awards 2017!

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  • UX for Corporate and Investor Websites

    How to provide a great user experience for your investor audience.

    • Digital
  • Corporate Storytelling - A cohesive approach to comms

    Tips and tricks to help you communicate your story.

  • Long-Term Reporting

    A look at The Investment Associations Long Term Reporting Guidance.

  • CEO Pay and Value Creation

    A look at the recent report on Executive Remuneration from CFA UK. 

  • MiFID II - Will you be overlooked?

    We take a look at the MiFID II initiative and what this can mean for you and your reporting.

    • Regulation
    • Current affairs
  • FRC's Letter to Investors

    A super summary of the FRC's Letter to Investors.

    • Current affairs
  • How Millennials will shape your Corporate Communications

    We take a look at the impact that Millennials have on your future corporate communications.

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    • Digital
  • Business Model Reporting — achieving an equilibrium

    An insight into how we create an equilibrium between oversimplification and content overload for our clients business models.

    • Regulation
    • Digital
  • Gender Pay Gap Legislation

    A short summary on the recently launched legislation on reporting about gender pay gaps.

    • Regulation
    • Current affairs
  • How useful are analytics when improving your site?

    Exploring how people use your site to promote continuous improvement.

    • Digital
  • The FRC's Conduct Committee announce changes to reviewing procedures

    A short summary of the committee's new guidelines for reviewing corporate reports.

    • Regulation
    • Current affairs
  • What will the future of digital corporate reporting look like?

    We take a look at the importance of digital corporate reporting and how to develop your report across various platforms.

    • Digital
  • Empowering Women in the Workplace

    We take a look at the current gender balance and how you can empower women in the workplace.

    • Current affairs
  • Writing content for the web

    We provide some useful top tips on how to write concise, authentic and useful content for the web.

    • Digital
  • The importance of uncovering your story

    A closer look at the importance of storytelling

  • Are you using the right tools for your annual report?

    Utilising collaborative project management tools to create engaging annual report projects.

  • Celebrating our colleagues

    Celebrating our colleagues successes at the annual Jones and Palmer Excellence Awards.

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  • Developments in Corporate Governance and Stewardship 2016

    An overview of the highlights from the report by the Financial Reporting Council.

    • Regulation
  • What's the optimum length for your corporate video?

    Using video to communicate your key messages effectively. 

    • Digital
  • Using data to improve user experience

    Understanding how your users interact with your site to provide a greater experience.

    • Digital
  • Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures

    An overview of the recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures.

    • Regulation
  • IPO Activity and Trends

    A look at IPO activity in 2016 and trends for 2017.

  • Corporate Governance Reform

    A summary of the Green Paper on Corporate Governance Reform. 

    • Regulation
  • Hampton-Alexander Review

    A summary of the Hampton-Alexander FTSE Women Leaders review

  • Best Practice Award success for Inland Homes

    Many congratulations to Inland Homes on their award for Best Digital Reporting.

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  • Communicating purpose beyond profit

    Looking beyond the financial and communicating the heart of your company. 

  • The quality of financial reporting

    Annual Review of Corporate Reporting released for 2015/2016.

    • Regulation
  • Year end advice from the Financial Reporting Council

    A super summary of the FRC report. 

    • Regulation
  • Building a good reputation

    The importance of managing your reputation

  • The latest on Brexit and Corporate Reporting

    An update on the Brexit process and what this means in relation to Annual Reporting. 

    • Regulation
  • Our digital relaunch

    Updating the Jp website.

    • Digital
    • News
  • Is the Internet a place and why does it matter?

    Why you should pay attention to user experience.

    • Digital
  • The process of making a remarkable project

    Why a robust process can make life easier. 

  • Best Practice Awards shortlist for Jp clients

    Recognition for our clients across digital and print. 

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  • Contributing to the world's well-being

    A look at environmentally conscious printing and the FSC.

    • Regulation
  • Winning big at the Corporate and Financial Awards

    A huge congratulations to all our award-winning clients.

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  • Does Social Media have a place in Investor Communications?

    Can social media add value to your investor communications?

    • Digital
  • 360 Degree Videos

    The future of video?

    • Digital
  • Reviewing the FTSE 100

    An introduction to our recent research project.

  • The development of video as a communication tool

    We explain the benefits of capturing and sharing videos via social media.

    • Digital
  • The Modern Slavery Act

    We take a look at the reporting requirements of the Modern Slavery Act 2015.

    • Regulation
  • Client shortlist success at Corporate and Financial Awards

    Congratulations to our clients for their awards shortlists.

    • News
  • Brexit - what’s next?

    What Brexit could mean for your reporting.

    • Regulation
    • Current affairs
  • The Media Works to open imminently

    Our new office space is nearly ready to open its doors.

    • News
  • Fair, balanced and understandable

    We take a closer look at how reports can be fair, balanced and understandable.

    • Regulation
  • Telling a cohesive story

    We take a look at the running order of annual reports in the FTSE 100.

  • Press Play

    How video can breathe life in to your communications and connect with your audience.

    • Digital
  • Going the extra mile with your Annual Report

    How adding value to your communications, can also equate to award-winning reports.

  • The Viability Statement

    We take a further look at the viability statement.

    • Regulation
  • Productivity in action

    A closer look at the Investment Association's Productivity Action Plan. 

  • Award-winning projects 2015

    All of our award winning projects for 2015!

    • News
  • Culture Coalition

    A look at the Financial Reporting Council's Culture Project.

  • The changing face of business

    How to communicate your key sustainability messages.

    • Current affairs
  • Social Media for the Social Good

    How social media could help you communicate CSR activities.

    • Digital
  • Understanding User Experience

    We take a look at the basics of UX.

    • Digital
  • The EU Referendum and annual reporting

    We take a look at how the EU referendum will affect annual reporting.

    • Current affairs
  • Gender pay reporting

    We take a look the current levels of reporting and what will change from 2018.

    • Current affairs
  • COP 21 and the Annual Report

    What could the Paris summit mean for annual reporting?

  • FTSE 100 Marketplace review

    We look at how the FTSE 100 communicate their marketplace and what makes an exceptional read.

  • What makes an award-winning FTSE 250 report?

    We take a look at the key themes in award-winning FTSE 250 reports.

  • Cyber Risk Reporting

    Take a look at our original research on cyber risk reporting in the FTSE 350.

  • Why should you report on cyber risk?

    We explore cyber risk reporting in more detail.

  • What makes an award-winning Small Cap report?

    We take a look at the key themes in award-winning Small Cap reports.

  • Online Annual Reports - the way forward

    Our think team explore the best way to present your Annual Report online.

    • Digital
  • Committed to Excellence

    Jones and Palmer have been awarded the EFQM Committed to Excellence certification at 2 star level. 

    • News
  • FTSE 100 research project

    An introduction to our research project on the annual reporting of the FTSE 100.

  • The key to a successful project

    We take a look at the key components to planning a successful project. 

  • ICSA Awards win

    Congratulations to Premier Foods on their Best Annual Report award.

    • News
  • IR Society Best Practice Award Winners

    Congratulations to Trifast on their double award win.

    • News
  • Branding

    We look at the key steps that can help you create a strong brand.

  • Value beyond the financial

    How the business model can help demonstrate the sustainability of a company into the long term.

  • Company Culture

    The FRC launch a market initiative to look at the boards role in company culture.

    • Current affairs
    • News
  • IR Society Awards nominations

    Trifast, Premier Foods, Ocado, Halfords and Severfield receive nominations.

    • News
  • United Utilities wins Excellence in Reporting award

    United Utilities wins at the PwC Building Public Trust Awards.

    • News
  • United Utilities win Best Governance Reporting Award

    United Utilities wins Strategic Report Index Accolades award.

    • News
  • ICSA Awards nominations

    United Utilities, Halfords, Premier Foods and Renold recieve ICSA nominations.

    • News
  • We heart our clients

    Why client services are an integral part of bringing any project to life.

    • News
  • The Three Cs

    The Three Cs are our approach to assessing Annual Reports and corporate websites.

  • Shortcomings in AIM reporting habits

    What pieces of the puzzle are missing in AIM Company reporting.

  • The relationship between content and design: It's complicated

    We review why close collaboration between designers and consultants matters.

  • What AIM companies can do to improve their Annual Reports

    We take a look at some quick wins for improving your report.

  • Why good reporting matters for AIM companies

    We look at the benefits of good reporting for AIM listed companies.

  • Achieving critical mass in new reporting technologies

    We take a look at the Financial Reporting Lab's Digital Present report.

    • Regulation
  • Awards shortlist for Ocado, Dechra, Colt and Rame Energy

    Awards shortlist for Communicate Magazine's Corporate and Financial Awards 2015.

    • News
  • Better together, making the EU a digital powerhouse

    The European Commission looks to roll out a Digital Single Market.

    • Current affairs
    • Digital
  • Corporate and Financial Awards Success

    Our congratulations go out to a number of our clients on their Corporate and Financial Awards.

    • News
  • Introducing wireframes

    Why structuring your document, focussing on content can help move your report forward.

  • Creating Transparency

    Being transparent with stakeholders

  • EU Shareholder Rights Directive

    We take a look at the draft amendments to the EU Shareholder Rights Directive.

    • Regulation
    • Current affairs
  • Running Wild

    The JP team takes on the Wolf Run.

    • News
  • Self Edit

    Taking the pain out of the Annual Report process with Jp Self Edit.

  • The Media Works has a roof!

    Work is progressing at our development in Carver Street, with the roof now on.

    • News
  • Creating conversations

    We take a look at what to consider when engaging investor audiences online.

    • Current affairs
    • Digital
  • EU directive on non-financial reporting

    We explore the changes to the EU Accounting Directive covering non-financial reporting.

    • Regulation
  • Measuring social progress

    We take a closer look at the Social Progress Index. 

    • Current affairs
  • Getting in touch with your website

    How analytics can help to review activity on your site and expose areas that need a bit more love.

    • Digital
  • Digital Corporate Reporting

    A look at the Financial Reporting Lab’s Corporate Reporting in a Digital World.

    • Digital
  • Sustainable Stock

    We take a look at how you can balance design and environmental impact when choosing paper stock.

    • News
  • Reporting on the future of climate change

    Paris 2015 will see governments meet to agree on measures to limit climate change to 2℃.

    • Regulation
    • Current affairs
  • The rise of sustainability reporting

    We take a look at the growth of sustainability reporting and key questions for your own report.

  • Smaller listed and AIM company reporting

    The FRC have announced plans to review the quality of reporting in AIM and Smaller Listed companies.

  • An engaging suite of media

    We take a look at the role design takes in creating consistent communications.

  • Best Practice Awards success for Trifast

    Congratulations are in order after the Investor Relations Society Annual Best Practice Awards.

    • News
  • Building a culture of long-term equity investment

    A look at the implementation report of The Kay Review.

  • Celebrating Excellence

    Celebrating the companies achievements over the past year.

    • News
  • Corporate Governance win for Ocado

    Ocado Group plc wins ‘Corporate Governance Reporting in the FTSE 250’ at PwC BPT Awards.

    • News
  • Mind the gap

    With the most radical change in remuneration reporting for over a decade, clarity is key.

    • Regulation
  • Responding to responsive

    We take a look at why responsive design is so important when engaging with your audience.

    • Digital
  • The Media Works

    The Media Works, our new creative space is now under construction.

    • News
  • Looking ahead to the next reporting cycle

    The FRC highlights key considerations for companies going into the next reporting cycle.

  • Corporate Reporting Review’s Annual Report

    We took a look at this year’s report and the planned areas of focus for the next reporting cycle.

    • News
  • What can we learn from viral content

    We take a look at the main reasons content goes viral 

    • Digital
  • How can you use video in your communications?

    How can you condense important information for your audience to view on the go?

    • Digital
  • Use of video in the FTSE 100

    We looked at how the FTSE 100 use video, a high impact, rich media

    • Digital
  • IR Society Best Practice Awards shortlist for Halfords, Ocado and Trifast

    We are thrilled to announce that three of our clients are nominated for IR Society Awards.

    • News
  • Visual Branding

    We take a look at a number of ways you can improve the visual branding of your company

  • Corporate Governance Code updates aim to raise the bar

    This month has seen an updated version of the UK Corporate Governance Code issued by the FRC

    • Regulation
  • Creativity in corporate reporting

    Within an Annual Report there are many key design factors, none more so than colour.

  • A picture is worth a thousand words

    New social media platforms are focusing on visual content and quickly growing in popularity

  • Assurance on Integrated Reporting

    The IIRC today kicks off a series of talks on the topic of assurance on Integrated Reporting.

    • News
  • Clear and Concise reporting

    A look at the Financial Reporting Lab's Clear and Concise initiative.

  • How to be a better proofreader

    Tips and tricks that can help you review documents efficiently.

  • Hot off the press

    Control, flexibility and technical knowledge are all afforded to us by our printing presses.

  • Words that jar

    Why it's important to eliminate Jargon and communicate effectively with your audience.

  • Official launch of the Investor Forum

    The Investor Forum launches with the appointment of Chairman and Executive Director.

    • Regulation
    • News
  • Why should you review your report?

    Do you see your reporting as a best practice opportunity or obligation only?

  • IMA Stewardship Survey

    The annual survey from the IMA looks at adherance to the UK Stewardship Code

    • Regulation
  • Consulting on corporate governance

    A look at the FRC consultation on the UK Corporate Governance code changes for 2014

    • Regulation
  • FRC offers guidance on Strategic Report

    We report on the FRC's 'Guidance on the Strategic Report'

  • Combating climate change

    We report on the new guidelines to disclose carbon emissions

    • Regulation
  • How to approach integrated reporting

    Some of our suggestions to integrated reporting

  • Financial Education in Schools

    Basic financial education will now be a statutory requirement on the national curriculum.

    • Current affairs
    • News
  • Increase in IPOs in 2014

    Increased trust in investment options has lead to the IPO market starting to once again grow.

    • Regulation
    • News
  • Crowdsourcing Content

    A look at Wisdom of Crowds: The Value of Stock Opinions Transmitted Through Social Media

  • New ways to communicate

    On Stockr, users are being invited to gain insight into global companies investment rationales

    • Digital
  • The Investor Forum

    The Investor Forum hopes to help combat equity market short-termism

    • Regulation
  • Online Survival Guide: a year on

    Our Online Investor Communications Survival Guide is a year old, take a look at what's changed

  • Analytics and beyond: your site after go live

    Looking at what you can do to optimise your website after it has gone live

  • The Benefits of Content Management Systems

    Why do Content Management Systems exist? To make maintaining your site easier.

    • Digital
  • Project management- prepare, prepare, prepare

    Project Management - Nothing aids a project more than adequate preparation

  • Tools of the trade

    How online project management tools can help you to achieve great results for your annual report

  • Watch your tone

     Tone of voice - how you say something is as important as what you say

  • Throw a blog a bone

    Why the blog has become a powerful business tool

  • Need to know: Responsive web design

    Why building and maintaining a website that works on multiple screens is becoming increasingly important

    • Digital
  • The corporate branding challenge

    A strong brand can help you bring to life key messages about your company

  • IR trends in social media

    Can social media predict market sentiment?

  • US rules on social channels

    SEC rules on using social media to disseminate material information

    • Regulation
  • Second annual Jonesies awards take place

    Our second company wide celebration recognised colleagues achievements over the last year.

    • News
  • Seeing is understanding

    The importance of the infographic in corporate reporting

  • A brand new Jones and Palmer

    We've taken a step forward, simplifying and sharpening the features that make us who we are.

    • News
  • A new year, a new site

    Our new website rolls out our new branding and simplified content approach.

    • News
  • A quality achievement

    Jones and Palmer has been awarded Committed to Excellence status by the BQF.

    • News
  • The Jones and Palmer Story

    A brief history of Jones and Palmer

    • News
  • A double helping of success at the IR Society Awards

    Congratulations are in order for Trifast and Halfords.

    • News
  • Five IR Society Best Practice Nominations

    We are delighted to see that four of our clients have been shortlisted for five awards.

    • News
  • ITV appoints Jones and Palmer

    We are thrilled to announce our partnership with ITV PLC on their 2011 Annual Report.

    • News
  • Launch of Dechra’s Online Annual Report

    The 2011 Dechra online annual report is now live.

    • Digital
    • News
  • Launch of Halfords’ new Corporate Video

    The brand new Halfords corporate video launches today alongside its Annual Report.

    • Digital
    • News
  • Lights - camera - action and welcome

    Our recent investment in people and equipment helps to bolster our video production offering.

    • News
  • Ocado appoints Jones and Palmer

    The team are delighted to work with Ocado Group plc on their 2011 report.

    • News
  • just keeps getting better

    New updates to our online project management system have arrived.

    • News
  • 100th Online Reporting milestone at Jones and Palmer

    Our 100th online annual report milestone has been achieved through Premier Foods micro site.

    • News
  • Are you speaking to the right audience?

    We focus on the institutional investor and the basics of how to make your company attractive to this type of investor.

  • Jones and Palmer delivers cutting edge Halfords site

    The new Halfords Group website showcases photography, video and optimised functionality.

    • News
  • Need to know: Narrative Reporting

    What the changes to the Companies Act mean for your annual report

    • Regulation
  • Defining and communicating your business model

    How a business model can help simplify communications in an increasingly complex business landscape

    • Regulation
  • Exciting times at Jones and Palmer

    Jones and Palmer have received planning permission for a new three story development.

    • News
  • Looking for the bright side of a banking explosion

    We report on Sir David Walker’s final report on the governance of banks and other financial institutions.

    • Regulation
    • News
  • Integrated Reporting

    What do you need to know about Integrated Reporting

  • New Jones and Palmer guide gets to grips with online communications

    Online Investor Communications; A Survival Guide.

    • News
  • Panmure Gordon & Co plc on board with Jones and Palmer

    We are pleased to announce our partnership with Panmure Gordon on their latest Annual Report.

    • News
  • Jones and Palmer expand training programme with Ithaka Leadership

    Our partnership with Ithaka has helped secure funding for training and development.

    • News
  • Financial Services Act

    How the Financial Services Act plans to deliver reform to financial regulation in the UK

    • Regulation
  • The Kay Review

    What the Kay Review means for UK equity markets

    • Regulation
  • Corporate Governance Code and Stewardship Code

    A look at what you need to know about the 2012 Corporate Governance and Stewardship code changes 

    • Regulation
  • A night to remember

    Our first ever Jonesies took place at Birmingham's Hilton Metropole celebrating our achievements.

    • News
  • Jones and Palmer chooses Cancer Research UK for nominated charity in 2013

    A year of fundraising lies ahead for the team.

    • News
  • Mo money, mo cheer

    Our 10 strong Movember team raised over £700 for men's health charities.

    • News
  • Awards success at the double for Jones and Palmer clients

    Halfords and Trifast pick up awards for the second year in a row.

    • News
  • Hanging out at Go Ape

    A great team building day out had by all at Go Ape Cannock.

    • News
  • Halfords and Trifast nominated for IR Society Best Practice Awards

    We are thrilled to announce multiple nominations for our clients.

    • News
  • Our commitment to quality, creativity and technology

    As a member of the BQF, we are pursuing recognition through EFQM levels of excellence.

    • News
  • Providence resources appoints Jones and Palmer

    We are delighted to be working with Providence Resources on their 2011 Annual Report.

    • News
  • Busy times at Jones and Palmer

    A record number of print & online reports have been produced and dispatched by the team.

    • News
  • Video as a communication tool

    How video can add to your corporate communications strategy

    • Digital
  • Compliance versus compelling

    How going beyond compliance creates compelling corporate communications

  • HTML Annual Reports v PDFs

    A look at the best way to get your annual report online

  • Review, review, review

    When was the last time you sat down and considered whether your Annual Report represented good value for money?