Our actions are the ground we walk on

we think.

The continuation of the strategic enablers from last year was a key factor when considering Headlam from a consultancy aspect. Ensuring that this was communicated effectively was achieved largely through the use of a wireframe which they had for both their printed and year in review.

we design.

A key aspect when considering the design for Headlam was the introduction of a new primary colour for the annual report. Ensuring that this was utilised effectively, along with the use of imagery, meant that the brand was communicated throughout. An innovative photography style was used to show the lifestyle aspect of the company’s products.

we publish.

The publication of Headlam took both a printed and digital route. A Year in Review meant that the group were able to display their highlights whilst their printed review provided a more detailed look at the company’s year. Jones and Palmer also updated Headlam's Corporate Website so that the information was up to date with their Annual Report, including the new company colour.